Building Envelope Design

Litebox excels in developing building envelope solutions that merge architectural vision with passive systems and sustainability goals. Our designs prioritize energy efficiency, weather resistance, and occupant comfort, resulting in long lasting structures that thrive in various environments. Building envelope design encompasses peer reviews of the architectural drawings and specifications during the design phase. During construction, we complete quality assurance in order to verify the constructions meet the contract documents and their design intents.

Our offerings encompass:

Energy-Efficient Envelopes

Crafting building envelopes that minimize energy consumption by maximizing insulation and robust building enclosure control layers, while optimizing material selection with practical constructive design.

Climate-Responsive Design

Developing durable designs that adapt to local climatic conditions with
specific client needs, ensuring comfort and efficiency year-round.

Facade Engineering

Providing expertise in optimizing façade designs for structural integrity, aesthetics, and thermal performance.

Renovation and Retrofit

Modernizing existing structures through envelope upgrades, revitalizing their appearance and functionality.


Building Envelope Commissioning

Our BECx team provides testing and verification programs to verify the building envelope systems are installed and perform as specified during the construction phase.