Grant William Walkin



Associations & Memberships
Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba is the leader and a facilitator of the process that ensures excellence in engineering, geoscience and applied technology for the public of Manitoba.

Green Building Advisor

The latest developments in green building.

Professional Engineers Ontario

Regulate and advance the practice of engineering to protect the public interest.

Passive House Canada

Solutions to the climate crisis by working to build or retrofit a new, future-proof generation of buildings that are efficient, healthy and durable with low environmental impact.

Phius Alliance

A zero-carbon future starts right here with our locally tailored, globally applicable passive building standards.

Manitoba Building Envelope Council

MBEC is a non-profit organization that began in 1986.  The object of MBEC is to promote the pursuit of excellence in the design, construction and performance of the building envelope.

A founding principal of Litebox, Grant is a building scientist with a great passion for high performance and architecturally inspiring buildings.  As an active building envelope and structural glass engineer, he brings fifteen years of dedicated building knowledge and enthusiastic leadership to Litebox.

Grant’s knowledge and expertise stretches from the exterior cladding to the interior finishes, while keeping the mechanical loads and comfort systems of the building in mind for a cohesive design that considers the overall project. 

Grant’s experience includes a wide range of services from construction, building envelope and building restoration services, involving a wide range of projects that included heritage buildings, single family homes, institutional high rises, concert halls, and national museums. His hands on approach allows practical strategies to be implemented in design, while connecting with the project team’s concerns and objectives.  

Grant enjoys engaging with the international green building community through events, forums, and social media to share experiences, both successes and failures.  He is currently on his second self-build deep energy retrofit to continue his passions; applying the same care and excellence to all his projects.

Grant also has a special interest and passion for structural glass that has allowed him to design on several specialty projects ranging from a 7.4m tall structural glass wall in Toronto, glazing on a new high rise in New York City, to an oversized skylight for a private residence in London, UK.