Passive House Consulting

Integrating sustainable and passive design principles to minimize environmental impact and maximize efficiency in order to pursue Passive House certification through either the PHI (Passive House Institute) or Phius (Passive House Institute United States) pathways.

Sustainability and passive design are at the core of our ethos, and the internationally recognized Passive House criteria is leading the charge for energy efficiency.

Our Passive House consulting services encompass:

Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant:

Collaborating with clients and architects to design and document a certified Passive House, or to use its principals on a non-certified project. This includes the use of energy and thermal modelling tools specific to the Passive House standard during the design phase, and quality assurance during construction. Certification can either be through the Passive House Institute (PHI) or Passive House Institute United States (PHIUS) passages. This includes single family residential to large institutional buildings, new construction or retrofit.

Green Design Integration

Collaborating with clients and architects to encompass sustainable design principles from project inception.

Renewable Energy Integration

Advising on integrating renewable energy systems into building designs, further reducing environmental impact.