Structural Glass Engineering

Crafting elegant and robust glass structures that seamlessly merge
aesthetics and functionality.

Our expertise in structural glass systems allows us to create captivating structures that blur the lines between architecture and engineering. We specialize in the design, analysis, and implementation of glass structures that are not only visually stunning but also structurally robust. We use state of the art specialized software for design optimization and efficiency, and international design standards and codes to fill the gap where local codes may be missing. This will ensure all designs include post breakage retention for life safety

Our services include:

Structural Glass Facades

Designing captivating structural glass façades supported by glass beams (or fins) and minimal to no exposed hardware, that transform buildings into works of art while maintaining structural integrity and energy efficiency.

Curtain Walls

Providing design assist for everything from off the shelf stick frame systems to custom unitized curtain walls, and captured to four-sided structural sealant glazed (SSG) systems.

Glass Guards

Crafting transparent guards that provide both functional connectivity and aesthetic appeal, enhancing pedestrian experiences.


Creating open and inviting spaces with innovative glass skylights that optimize natural light and energy usage.

Glass Canopies

Designing sleek and functional glass canopies that offer protection from the elements while creating visually engaging entryways.